A huge thank you to everyone who came to celebrate the project.
We are planning for bigger and better things next year.

 Delicous bread with homemade butter, honey and herbs.

Soused mackerel and potted mackerel with beetroot. Served with loads of salad and potatoes.

Followed by fantastic blackberry cheesecake with blackberry jelly and cream.

The hares corner was looking great. The weather was kind enough to stay dry which allowed for plenty of bee activity.



With the change of venue came a whole new set of possibilities. The picnic was changing into a banquet, a long table feast.

 The Hares Corner picnic feast.
So the weather wasn't the best but really that was the only thing that wasn't in order on the day.
Operation Plan B swung into action on the friday. clearing out the lovely stone barn next to the field.

Meet the chefs!
Say hello to Tom and Aoife.
They're busy this week making all the necessary culinary preparations for Saturday. We're very excited about this picnic feast. There will be flowers to fish to marmalade and we might possibly have a taste of redshank from the Tuesday field thrown in.

As we prepare to feast on Saturday the bees have been busily foraging through the flowering Phacelia. They will be the orchestra for saturday's picnic.

I spy with my little eye.......

......something beginning with P.

Roll on August 20th and the Phacelia picnic. 
There is still a couple of spaces left.